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We Are a Recognized Industry Leader in Commercial and Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

Rid your air ducts of dust, debris, and particles

Dirty air ducts in your building can do more than just impact your HVAC system; they can actually be a health hazard for those who work in your building. Poor indoor air quality can contribute to respiratory problems and a loss in employee productivity. To avoid this, schedule a commercial air duct cleaning with Fresh Air Exchange.

Our professionals in Windsor and London, Ontario, are equipped to rid your air ducts of dust, debris, and particles that may be causing your HVAC system to work less efficiently.

In buildings with forced air HVAC systems, clean air is vital to the well-being of the people inside, and to the efficient operation of the system.

Wherever clean air is important you can depend on Fresh Air Exchange

Our commercial duct cleaning professionals have cleaned thousands of HVAC systems, professionally and promptly. Specially designed and built duct cleaning units can readily handle commercial, industrial, institutional and residential customers.

Our 15 years of experience ensures that we have the right knowledge and the right commercial duct cleaning equipment to meet your HVAC remediation needs.

We are a recognized industry leader in Commercial and Industrial air duct cleaning since 1999, Fresh Air Exchange consistently delivers professional solutions.

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At Fresh Air Exchange we have the tools and experience necessary to get your air ducts into better shape. And what you’ll pay for our services, you’ll gain back in energy savings throughout the year. We have a uniquely skilled team of professional technicians who work hard to deliver great customer service.  Our industry has changed over the years and we have kept our service technicians updated with current industry standard. Our skill set and our training sets us apart from any duct cleaning company in the London and Windsor area.